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Modern wine enthusiasts might be surprised to learn that old wine hasn’t always been preferred over new. The ancient Greeks and Romans, in fact, prized wine for its freshness and preferred to drink it as soon as possible after its first pressing. The oldest method of preserving wine or olive oil wasn’t meant to keep the wine for years, but rather to keep it from aging at all. Thus, a history of wine decanters also becomes a history of changing tastes. Greek amphorae of clay were the easiest way to transport the largest amounts of new wine from vineyard to town center. They were also easily replaced if broken or fouled with a bad batch. Wineskins fashioned from soft leather suited nomadic and transitional societies like the Huns, the Goths, and the Vikings; these containers not only didn’t break, they were serving pieces, too. A man could drink from a full wineskin without need of a goblet or beaker. Goblets became more important as both Eastern and Western societies grew more stable.